The Illustration Site is based on the idea that there is strength in numbers when it comes to promoting professional illustration services.

Organized by illustrator Lorraine Dey with over 35 years of professional experience, the hope is to benefit and add to the Marketing efforts of these online professional illustrators as a group.

This website is designed as a simple solution for  professional illustrators wishing to gain additional exposure online. As membership grows, so will the popularity and reach of the site, increasing exposure for the group as a whole online through theillustrationsite.com

Even if you advertise elsewhere or have an agent or illustration rep, this is an additional outlet for advertising and showcasing your work. We are not an agency and will never take any commissions from work you may book through this site.  You deal directly with clients that reach you after viewing your work on theillustrationsite.com

See submissions for more information on how to join this group and benefit from the co-op experience. SEO and Meta Data, as well as link-backs to the site will continually increase traffic. We constantly promote the site on social media and through link-backs.

With your membership, we encourage you to place our small membership icon on the home page of your website with a direct link back to the illustration site home page. Project leads go directly to your website. We never collect any fees or commissions from clients after the initial one-time $40. membership fee to help cover costs of maintaining and advertising the site. We are not agents and there are no contracts with us. You work directly with the client. 😉

The one-time fee of $40. per image gets you listed. Minimum of 1 image. Each additional image listing that you add will be an additional $40. Your listing(s) will remain on the site for as long as the site exists. We give you a guarantee of being listed for at least 3 years from the time of first being included on the site. Payment is via PayPal in USD to Deystudio, LLC. We will never ask for any additional fees. The $40. initial payment is the only one required and it keeps your listing on the site for every year after that, for as long as theillustrationsite.com is online.

Again…we guarantee you will be listed for at least 3 years. Thank you and welcome!

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