Welcome to “The Illustration Site”, where professional Illustrators are represented and promoted online in a group collaboration. Membership is by a one-time submission fee of $40. for each image, (minimum one image) which gives you a guarantee of at least 3 years on the website. Even if you advertise elsewhere or have an agent or illustration rep, this is an additional outlet for advertising and showcasing your work. We are not an agency and will never take any commissions from work you may book through this site.  You deal directly with clients that reach you through your website link after viewing your work on

Each member is encouraged to include a link-back to this site on their own website and spread the word on their own social media as well as on our members Twitter account at @TISmembers. This is the “co-op” part of our promotional efforts as a group. As membership grows, so does the exposure and promotional reach. Proudly display our members logo, along with the link…

This is only one way we will grow the network. (You will receive the members logo via email once payment is received). We promote the site on social media on a regular basis.

To join us, please pay your “One-Time” membership fee. We won’t ask you for any additional fees after that and your listing is guaranteed to be live for at least 3 years. We ask that you be a professional illustrator, working in the field for at least 4 years. Please provide a JPG image via email of your best work that will show well in a small square format. During your membership, you may exchange and upgrade your image if you choose to, with a $20. change-out fee per image.

PLEASE PAY YOUR MEMBERSHIP/SUBMISSION FEE BELOW. We will then send you an email with next steps.

Extended Special offer for new illustrators…Pay $40. and get 2 images. OFFER EXPIRES: May 15, 2022.



Once we confirm your payment, we will send you an email asking for a JPG sample of your work, as well as your website URL for the link. This will be done via email so please be sure your address is current and included when making your payment with PayPal. The email will come from Deystudio, LLC. You can add as many image listings as you like at $40. for each image. Thank you.



We are looking forward to including you and your work. This website is growing fast and we will be adding new artist’s images in the order as they are received, so get your membership started today and get your image in now toward the top of the illustration page. We also feature new artist members on our blog and twitter page as they join the site.

Still have questions? Email us directly at…